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We have a small window of time to take every practical step to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save our planet and our quality of life from the devastating effects of climate change. By focusing on technologies that are clean, economical and build easily on what is already in place, FuelPositive will positively affect the course of climate change through practical solutions that can be implemented in the short term. 

FuelPositive Corporation is a Canadian technology company committed to providing commercially viable and sustainable, “cradle to cradle” clean energy solutions, including an onsite, containerized Green Ammonia production system, for use across a broad spectrum of industries and applications.

Starting with a radical decentralized approach to producing Green Ammonia, FuelPositive is poised to disrupt multiple sectors.

Our Lead Product

Our Onsite, Containerized Green Ammonia Production System disrupts how the ammonia market works

The world is discovering the benefits of Green Ammonia. The production of traditional ammonia, 80% of which is used as fertilizer for crops, represents over 500 million tonnes of carbon emissions every year and it places traditional ammonia in the top three industries, along with cement and steel, that are the heaviest polluters on earth. Every tonne of traditional ammonia produced in today’s massive refineries creates, on average, almost three tonnes of CO2, creating a challenging tension between producing much-needed fertilizer to meet our needs for food and reducing carbon emissions to combat climate change. And that doesn’t even cover all of the emissions that result from a complex and unreliable supply chain that leaks and emits at every transfer point.

“Over the last few years, I’ve seen well-funded, realistic plans to move both concrete and steel away from carbon by 2030. If we do our part with ammonia, the three industrial bandits will have been retired.” – François Desloges, Senior Business and Technology Analyst, FuelPositive

Engineers and scientists the world over have been working to find a way to produce Green Ammonia – carbon-free ammonia produced without fossil fuels. They are having some success, but most of the projects are nowhere near providing enough to meet demand, and nowhere near producing Green Ammonia at a price that end users, including farmers, can afford.

Our engineers wondered: what if we could find a way to make Green Ammonia affordable? And what if we could find a way to eliminate the unreliable supply chains to produce Green Ammonia locally, where it is needed?

That’s what we’ve done. FuelPositive has the technology to produce Green Ammonia at a price customers can afford, while eliminating reliance on the wildly fluctuating supply chain. It’s a paradigm shift. Our onsite, containerized Green Ammonia production technology will completely disrupt the traditional ammonia sector – and potentially all the sectors that can benefit from Green Ammonia – transportation, fuel cells, grid storage, and all of the various industries that use ammonia as a necessary chemical.

By disrupting the traditional ammonia sector, we are also disrupting the green hydrogen sector. Green Ammonia, the most effective enabler of the hydrogen economy, can economically, efficiently and quickly capture, store and transport green hydrogen – making the hydrogen economy a reality. 

We have the technology. We have the team, and we have the finances. Just watch us.


You don’t cause disruption by working with ordinary people. Our team of experts in their fields have one thing in common – we don’t accept the status quo. We ask: Why? What if? If we can’t answer a question, we find out who can, and work with them. You should meet our team.