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Fuel For A Mindful World

Leadership Team

From the Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Team to the advisors, agencies and consultants we work with, FuelPositive has assembled a stellar team of experts in a wide range of related professions. Our team members are experts in their fields, with the experience and knowledge to allow our company to scale up and become the global leader we expect to be. Even more important, each person invited to join the team shares our vision and values. We are a team in the truest sense; there is not just one star with a vision – rather, we are a constellation of stars, working together to brighten our world.

Board of Directors

Ian Clifford
Board Chair and CEO
Nelson Leite
Board Member and Chief Operating Officer
Olushola (Shola) Ashiru
Independent Board Member and Audit Committee Chair
Marek Warunkiewicz
Independent Board Member and Marketing Advisor
Rob Tocchio
Independent Board Member

Executive Leadership Team

Ian Clifford
Board Chair and CEO
Nelson Leite
Chief Operating Officer and Board Member
Jing Peng,
Chief Financial Officer
Luna Clifford
Director, Strategic Partnerships and Alliances
François Desloges
BEng – Senior Business and Technology Analyst

Advisors & Partners

Dr. Ibrahim Dincer
BSc, MSc, PhD, PEng -
Co-Inventor, Lead Technologist
André Mech
BEng, MBA - Advisor, Carbon Credits and Emissions Reduction
Jeanne Milne
Advisor, Government Relations
Derek Boudreau
BEng, MBA – Strategic Advisor, Agricultural Implementation
Lenore Newman
Advisor, Global Food Security
Mario Tenuta
Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Advisor
Leith Deacon
BA, MSc, PhD, Advisor
Darrell Brown
Indigenous Clean Energy Advisor
Marek Warunkiewicz
Advisor, Marketing and Independent Board Member
Tracy and Curtis Hiebert,
Demonstration Project Partners
Controlled Environment Systems Research Facility, University of Guelph


RB Milestone Group
Investor Brand Network
Sussex Strategy Group
Marie-Ève Turgeon
Reach Digital
Website & SEO
Pollara Strategic Insights

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