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Green Ammonia

Fuel For A Mindful World


If you follow the clean energy imperative, you know that we rapidly need alternatives to fossil fuels and that Green Ammonia is being considered by many as the hope of the future – more practical and achievable than green hydrogen. The problem is – no one has figured out how to get it produced economically and quickly. Until now.

Grey Ammonia

Ammonia saved us a century ago when the world was severely threatened by food shortages. Its mass production allowed farmers worldwide to grow the crops we need to survive. But there was a downside. Traditional ammonia (now called grey ammonia) is a serious polluter because of the way it is produced with fossil fuels. It also requires a massive infrastructure and supply chain that is fraught with problems.

Our Onsite, Containerized Green Ammonia Production System

The inventors of our onsite, containerized Green Ammonia production system saw the critical role ammonia plays in modern society, the problems with the carbon emissions its manufacturing produced, the failing supply chain, and thought: what if? Then came FuelPositive to join with them and make their invention globally viable.