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Reasons to Invest

Fuel For A Mindful World

It’s time

FuelPositive believes that the world is ready now for a positive change and we are ready to make it happen.

The environmental imperative for scalable and economically viable replacements for fossil fuels and other highly polluting materials has never been more urgent. FuelPositive’s carbon-free NH3 technology is well-positioned to significantly contribute to achieving the emission targets under the Paris Agreement on climate change – almost immediately.

The targets and deadlines have been set. FuelPositive is poised to play a key role in many states and sectors being able to meet and surpass those targets.

Why FuelPositive and not another player in the ammonia and hydrogen markets? We’ve got the patent-pending, scalable, cost-effective production system that makes in situ carbon-free NH3 possible.

Market Size

The ammonia industry is poised for a dramatic upward shift in demand and market size as a result of green ammonia applications. Approximately 200 million tons of traditional ammonia are produced every year around the world with an annual market value of about $70 billion U.S. – about 80% being used in farming, which will be our first area of focus.

The existing, traditional ammonia market has been a commodity-type market with compound annual growth rates (CAGR) of about 5% per year.

A number of recent projections about the market size for green ammonia suggest compound annual growth rates over the next decade of 50% or more.


FuelPositive recently closed a $5-million financing, which was fully subscribed with U.S. institutional investors. The result is a strong balance sheet, with over $6 million in operational capital today. 

The financing was significant because it is funding our Phase 2, commercial, carbon-free NH3, production system build with National Compressed Air. A number of portable production prototypes are scheduled to be in the field in early 2022 for high profile demonstration pilot projects.

Financial Security

FuelPositive expects significant revenue from the carbon credit value that will be generated as our carbon-free NH3 is produced. 


FuelPositive has recently announced agreements with key industry players. 

Dr. Ibraham Dincer

Dr. Dincer is well known as a world leader in hydrogen and ammonia. Dr. Dincer and his team made the foundational contribution to the scalable and modular carbon-free NH3 systems we are developing today. He and his team continue to be closely involved with FuelPositive, as we look at multiple facets of hydrogen and hydrogen opportunities. 


Dr. Ghassan Chehade

Dr. Chehade, one of the co-authors named on the provisional patent of our carbon-free NH3 technology, has joined FuelPositive as Lead Project Engineer. He will be working closely with National Compressed Air on the building of our production systems. 

André Mech

Andre Mech has joined FuelPositive as a strategic advisor. He has been advising organizations and governments focused on sustainability, energy efficiency and carbon reduction worldwide since 2001. As one of the most knowledgeable emissions reduction and carbon credit specialists in the sector, he has assessed the emission profiles of hundreds of technologies. 

National Compressed Air Canada Ltd. (NCA)

FuelPositive is partnering with NCA to undertake the manufacturing of the Company’s Phase 2 Hydrogen-Ammonia Synthesizer commercial prototype systems for carbon-free NH3 production. With more than 50 years’ experience, NCA is an industry leader in the development, manufacturing, and servicing of transportable compressors using multiple gasses and highly specialized exploration equipment. 

To view the July 15, 2021 Corporate Update, please click here.


FuelPositive is also advancing supercapacitor technology – Composition Modified Barium Titanate. This proprietary technology allows for increases in power and energy densities, charging speed, longevity, useful life and a lower cost per watt hour stored. Currently FuelPositive is working on improvements to this technology with a group associated with NASA and will provide updates as the improvements are independently certified. 

To view the July 15, 2021 Corporate Update, please click here.