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Reasons to Invest

Fuel For A Mindful World



FuelPositive believes that the world is ready now for a positive change and we are poised to make it happen. Worldwide, there is a shortage of ammonia, affecting not just farming, but every industry that relies on ammonia.

The environmental imperative for scalable and economically viable replacements for fertilizers, fossil fuels and other highly polluting materials has never been more urgent. FuelPositive’s containerized Green Ammonia production technology is well-positioned to significantly contribute to achieving international carbon emission targets. FuelPositive is prepared to play a key role in ensuring many sectors are able to meet and surpass their targets.

Why FuelPositive and not another player in the ammonia and hydrogen markets? We’ve got the patent-pending, containerized, scalable, cost-effective production system that makes in situ Green Ammonia possible. Producing Green Ammonia on farm is exactly what farmers need now to be able to deliver on global food security at a time when it is threatened. Our high-performance team of experts is nimble and highly experienced with managing supply chains, scaling up and robotics, as well as agricultural collaboration and sales.



Our onsite, containerized Green Ammonia production system can:

Market Size

The ammonia industry is poised for a dramatic upward shift in demand and market size as a result of Green Ammonia applications.

Approximately 200 million tons of traditional ammonia are produced every year around the world with an annual market value of about $70 billion U.S. – about 80% being used in farming, which will be our first area of focus.

The existing, grey ammonia market has been a commodity-type market with compound annual growth rates (CAGR) of about 5% per year.

A number of recent projections about the market size for Green Ammonia suggest compound annual growth rates over the next decade of 50% or more.


FuelPositive closed CA$12-million in financing throughout 2021, all of which was fully subscribed with U.S. institutional investors. The result is a strong balance sheet, which is funding our first three containerized Green Ammonia production systems.

As well, pre-sales will bring in some revenue in the form of deposits and ultimately, completed sales.

It is part of our plan to obtain government grants and tax incentives to offset some of the costs of building our first systems and batches and, potentially, to help support the ramp up of mass production. Meetings held with governments to date have been extremely positive, many funding streams are available, and applications have been and continue to be submitted.

We also expect to generate significant revenue from the sale of carbon credits.


In the near future, our containerized Green Ammonia production systems will provide all the credibility we need, but until then, we are working hard to be as transparent as possible as we progress toward that point. We are being open about what we are planning and reporting at each stage along the way to share our progress and next steps. We continue to do what we said we would do.

Our credibility is also wrapped up in the stellar team and partners we have assembled.


FuelPositive is also advancing supercapacitor technology – Composition Modified Barium Titanate. This proprietary technology allows for increases in power and energy densities, charging speed, longevity, useful life and a lower cost per watt hour stored. Currently FuelPositive is working on improvements to this technology with a group associated with NASA and will provide updates as the improvements are independently certified. 

To view the July 15, 2021 Corporate Update, please click here.


We are fully validating purity, energy consumption, rate of production of the system, as well as all applicable safety protocols. We follow a standard gage repeatability and reproducibility process. Once we have completed the full validation in our facility, we will have two third-parties – a university and an accredited lab – conduct independent validations before the system will be moved to the farm.

Patent Protection

Our flagship technology, a process for producing Green Ammonia, is protected under a non-provisional patent. The FuelPositive system comprises a nitrogen generator to produce nitrogen from air, a water electrolyzer to produce hydrogen from water, and a novel green ammonia synthesis reactor to produce ammonia from the hydrogen and nitrogen. 

On June 8, 2022 we announced that we have filed a U.S. Non-Provisional Patent Application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (U.S. non-provisional patent application serial number: 17/826641). The application claims priority out of FuelPositive’s U.S. Provisional Patent Application filed on June 7, 2021 and elaborates upon our inventive concepts. 

We have also filed a companion Patent Co-Operation Treaty (“PCT”) Patent Application preserving our right to our proprietary invention in all 156 PCT member states. This PCT Patent Application also claims priority out of our U.S. Provisional Patent Application filed June 7, 2021.

As well, we hold over 12 patents for our composition modified barium titanate energy storage technology.