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Grid Storage

Fuel For A Mindful World

The decentralization of energy grids, and the creation of more power storage within our existing distribution networks is a global imperative, as states, municipalities, sectors, organizations and individuals strive for greater energy independence and a lower carbon footprint.

The problem with electrical generation is that, until now, the electricity couldn’t be stored. With current sources of renewable energy – such as geothermal or hydroelectric – when the demand is low the generation capacity must be turned down. Think of a wind farm that has howling wind, however the windmills sit idle because there is no immediate use for the energy it could be creating.

Now, those same windmills could instead be generating sustainable electricity by powering a FuelPositive green ammonia system. During periods of peak demand, even when there is no wind, the green ammonia stored on site can be combusted in turbines to generate and distribute electricity to nearby consumers or used in standalone applications, like fertilizer for farms.

We expect our grid storage solution to especially appeal to northern and remote communities that rely
on propane or diesel to be shipped for fueling generators. With FuelPositive’s green ammonia systems in place, a northern community could use solar panels that would benefit from long hours of
sunlight in the summer, and store that electricity in the form of green ammonia until needed in the fall and winter when solar panels are not effective because of a lack of sunlight.