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Fuel For A Mindful World

The world has discovered the potential of Green Ammonia to significantly reduce carbon emissions and help reach our international greenhouse gas reduction commitments. Only FuelPositive has the technology, the team, and the model to make it happen economically and efficiently, in the short term. 

Our lead product, an onsite, containerized Green Ammonia production system, will revolutionize clean energy through a patent-pending, first-of-its-kind technology invented in Canada. It takes air, water, and sustainable electricity to make Green Ammonia. Adoption will dramatically support global targets to reduce CO2 emissions. And the traditional ammonia industry will die out because the old centralized model and supply chain will be too unreliable, inconvenient, expensive, and damaging to the environment.

The world needs sustainable, clean energy to reduce carbon emissions. We’re ready to deploy our technology in the short term, bringing measurable results quickly.