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About Us

Fuel For A Mindful World

Who We Are

“Our flagship product – an onsite, containerized Green Ammonia production system – has the power to change our world.” Ian Clifford, FuelPositive Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Board Chair.

FuelPositive is a Canadian technology company making our name known because of our commitment to providing commercially viable and sustainable, clean energy, agricultural and chemical solutions. By focusing on technologies that are clean, economical and build easily on what is already in place, FuelPositive will affect the course of climate change through practical solutions that can be implemented in the short term.

Business Model

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All the best ideas and intentions will only get us so far. We need to have the best skills and experience to make our ideas become reality. We believe in interdependence and the power of a highly qualified, dedicated team. There is no other way to get it done. We go out there, find the best people and bring them in.

Vision, Mission, & Values

We began with a desire to make the world a kinder, healthier place – where we respect the earth and each other. Our vision, mission and values mean everything to us and drive us to contribute every day.

Corporate Update & Reports

We learn every day from others. We want you to be able to learn from us, too. We will share our thinking, as it develops, to keep you informed to the best of our ability.

Our Corporate Updates are available to you in video and downloadable formats for your convenience.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property protection is essential to the process of discovery. We hold non-provisional patents to protect our intellectual property and your investment in our company.