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Carbon Credits

Fuel For A Mindful World

FuelPositive’s green ammonia production methodology will result in significant carbon savings. We plan to generate carbon credits from these savings for voluntary and compliance markets that are active in areas where we deploy our production systems.

Our production system is so efficient, and our product is so energy dense that for each tonne of green ammonia produced, it is estimated that we will reduce carbon emissions on average by 2.5 tonnes CO2e.

André Mech, FuelPositive’s carbon credit and emissions reduction advisor, intends to submit emission reduction plans to carbon offset schemes presiding in areas where our green ammonia production systems are utilized to generate and track tradeable carbon credit or emission reductions. In Canada, for instance, we expect approximately 2.5 tCO2e of carbon credits per ton of green ammonia produced and used as fertilizer and up to 5 tCO2e of carbon credits for fossil fuel replacement applications.

The revenue derived from carbon credits and emission reductions will fund future growth and investment in new carbon conscious technologies.