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Fuel For A Mindful World

Manufacturing the World’s First Farmer-owned Green Ammonia System

World’s First: At the forefront of AgTech and Green Energy, our FP-300 system is an innovative technology representing a paradigm shift in the 100-year-old Ammonia industry.

Decentralized approach: Our on-site, containerized, and modular plant challenges the status quo by allowing our customers, first and foremost farmers, to have control of Ammonia fertilizer supply and cost, the most challenging risk factors for farmers after the weather.  

AgTech and Green Energy Innovation: FuelPositive’s technology eliminates up to 4 tonnes of polluting atmospheric CO2e emissions for every tonne of green ammonia produced. Which equates to a significant carbon credit value and solves an emissions problem many thought unsolvable.

First system delivery: announced in December 2023, the first FP300 system is planned to be delivered and operational on a Manitoba, Canada farm in Spring 2024

Redefining the Future of Energy and Food Security

Base FP300 System Specs

  • 300 kg/day (100 tonnes/year) of Green Anhydrous Ammonia
  • 476 kg/day of water consumption
  • Customer to supply sustainable grid source of electricity or an off-grid option (approximately 1-megawatt solar array, with supplementary storage, would power the system completely off-grid)
  • Each system fits within three standard 20-foot containers
    • To scale up for greater output you can add more process modules. The primary system contains the master controls, added modules utilize remote control configurations.
  • Life cycle of several decades, with periodic upgrades
  • Modular design makes component and software upgrades easy


  • Initial base price of your first system – CA$950,000
  • The actual customer price will vary, as your system is customized to meet your particular requirements.
  • Cost efficiencies if your output needs are greater than 100 tonnes per year and a larger-scale FuelPositive system is required.
  • Operating costs expected to be approximately $560/tonne, depending on electricity costs, according to costing model announced on November 18, 2021.
  • The return on investment and payback period will vary according to the situation for each farmer. We will help you optimize that.

How to Enter a Sales Agreement

Simply send us an email with some information about your farm to:

We will reach out to you to understand your specific situation and requirements. You will receive an individualized proposal from FuelPositive. A negotiated deposit will secure your place in line.

Preparing Your Farm

  • Each farm is different and the regulatory compliance requirements change from location to location.
  • Contact us and we will help you determine the requirements for your location, along with determining the storage requirements and premium site location for you.

System Operation

  • Site training, but minimal operational or maintenance requirements for farmers.
  • The system allows for remote, predictive maintenance and optimization.
    • Multiple system points.
  • Onsite maintenance needed one visit per year by the FuelPositive service team.