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Intellectual Property

Fuel For A Mindful World

Ammonia (NH3) is extremely versatile as it can be used in many sectors, to solve multiple challenges. NH3 is primarily (80+%) used as a fertilizer but it can also serve as a fuel in electricity production, a key element in feedstock and chemicals production, the main ingredient in cleaning materials, a fuel for engines and a refrigerant for cooling systems. Additionally, NH3 is the most efficient and low-cost way to store and transport hydrogen.

However, current NH3 manufacturing is one of the most concentrated global contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and has been produced virtually the same way for 100+ years. The process begins with separation of nitrogen from air. The hydrogen is produced by a process called “steam reforming-a-hydrocarbon” (SMR). By pressurizing and heating both gases together in a reactor with a catalyst, NH3 is formed, as is a significant amount of CO2 as a by-product.

Intellectual Property

Our flagship technology, a process for producing green ammonia, is protected under a provisional patent. The FuelPositive system comprises a nitrogen generator to produce nitrogen from air, a water electrolyzer to produce hydrogen from water, and a novel green ammonia synthesis reactor to produce ammonia from the hydrogen and nitrogen.


Our U.S. provisional patent application for the green ammonia synthesis reactor was filed on a confidential basis with the USPTO on June 7, 2021 (US Prov. Pat Appl. Serial No.: 63/197,884). That sets our priority date to the invention set out in the Claims in that U.S. Provisional Patent Application. No one can file a patent application after that priority date and claim superior rights to FuelPositive in the invention.


The co-inventors listed on the FuelPositive provisional patent are Dr. Ibrahim Dincer and his team, and Dr. Ghassan Chehade. Their work and only their work is applicable.


Over the next several months, as we build our prototype, we will be continuing to finetune the provisional patent. By June 6, 2022, we will file a U.S. Non-Provisional Patent Application incorporating the U.S. Provisional Patent Application and claiming broader ranges as we will have determined are necessary.


We will also file a Patent Co-Operation Treaty (PCT) Patent Application incorporating the U.S. Provisional Patent Application and claiming all other PCT-member countries to the PCT. We expect to include a wide range of countries in the PCT Patent Application. We expect the FuelPositive carbon-free NH3 system to be used widely around the world.


The U.S. Non-Provisional Patent Application will continue to be examined in the normal course over a three-year period following publication and will be made public by about December 2022. During that time period, FuelPositive will receive and respond to USPTO Patent Examiner requisitions.