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Vision, Mission & Values

Fuel For A Mindful World


Sometimes, someone says it so perfectly, you don’t want to change a word. We have adopted the wise and provocative words of Greta Thunberg as our corporate vision: 

“The climate crisis has already been solved. We already have all the facts and solutions. All we have to do is wake up and change.” – Greta Thunberg


To be a leader in fighting climate change by creating and developing practical, clean and sustainable carbon-free solutions that can be implemented economically now. The world can’t wait and FuelPositive is committed to this cradle-to-cradle positive shift.


We work with people who are:

Duty of Care

FuelPositive’s vision and mission are tied to reversing climate change and ending greenhouse gas emissions for good. We believe in our collective Duty of Care – to do everything in our power to do no harm to others – to humans, to other species and to our shared planet.

As such, we strive to associate with principled and ethical companies and people. We choose not to partner directly with the fossil fuel industry and will not work with any military-focused entities. FuelPositive is conscious of its own challenge in addressing nitrous oxide emissions, which are a byproduct of any agricultural utilization of nitrogen. We are determined and actively engaged in finding solutions for cradle-to-cradle, non-polluting offerings.

See our statement on Our Next Challenge with Ammonia here

Inclusion and Diversity at FuelPositive

Our Fuel-Positivity Commitment:

Whether it’s related to gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age or accessibility, it’s vital to find intentional ways to grow as a team in our support and understanding of others.

FuelPositive’s commitment to cultivating an inclusive, respectful and empathetic culture is at the top of our agenda. We want everyone associated with FuelPositive to feel fully supported in bringing their true selves to the Company in fulfilling our collective mission.

Our core values encompass colleagues who are kind, accountable, committed, ego-free, inclusive, innovative, resourceful, communicative, honest and transparent.

These shared values give each individual in FuelPositive the opportunity to show their personal commitment to an inclusive culture and promote an openly supportive environment where coworkers are allies.

FuelPositive promotes an open-door policy and offers ongoing support on how everyone in the Company can share, discuss, participate, act and continuously learn in support and celebration of their commitments.