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Fuel Cells

Fuel For A Mindful World

Green Ammonia can be used cost-efficiently for use in fuel cell technologies that have historically been hindered by storage and infrastructure problems. Green Ammonia allows for increases in power and energy densities to operate fuel cells, and a lower cost per watt generated. The energy density of ammonia alone over any chemical battery is dramatic, in the order of nine times that of lithium-ion batteries, and over three times that of compressed hydrogen.

Current technologies commercialized as alternatives to fossil fuel transportation, electric battery-powered vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles must carry larger energy storage than what would be required if ammonia were used. The trade-off is heavy and larger lithium-ion batteries, versus massively larger storage tanks for hydrogen, versus significantly small tanks for ammonia.

The creation of lithium-ion batteries causes emissions along the entire supply chain, and the batteries have limited use-life and are not particularly recyclable.

Hydrogen fuel cells have a number of problems:

In contrast, because Green Ammonia contains hydrogen, it provides the benefits of pure hydrogen, but does not have the problems associated with pure hydrogen.