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Fuel For A Mindful World

Farmers: Take Control
Over Your Ammonia Supply!

Produced on your farm, where you need it.

Whenever you need it.
In the amount you need.

At a stable price.

Our onsite, scalable, containerized production system uses air, water and sustainable electricity to produce Green Anhydrous Ammonia.

Base System Specs

  • 300 kg/day (100 tonnes/year) of Green Anhydrous Ammonia
  • 476 kg/day of water consumption
  • Customer to supply sustainable grid source of electricity or an off-grid option (approximately 1-megawatt solar array, with supplementary storage, would power the system completely off-grid)
  • Each system fits within three standard 20-foot containers
    • To scale up for greater output you can add more process modules. The primary system contains the master controls, added modules utilize remote control configurations.
  • Life cycle of several decades, with periodic upgrades
  • Modular design makes component and software upgrades easy
Field of yellow flowers


  • Initial base price of your first system – CA$950,000
  • The actual customer price will vary, as your system is customized to meet your particular requirements.
  • Cost efficiencies if your output needs are greater than 100 tonnes per year and a larger-scale FuelPositive system is required.
  • Operating costs expected to be approximately $560/tonne, depending on electricity costs, according to costing model announced on November 18, 2021.
  • The return on investment and payback period will vary according to the situation for each farmer. We will help you optimize that.

How to Enter a Pre-Sale Arrangement

Simply send us an email with some information about your farm to: 

We will reach out to you to understand your specific situation and requirements. You will receive an individualized proposal from FuelPositive. A negotiated deposit will secure your place in line. Deposits will be refundable if FuelPositive fails to deliver. 

Preparing Your Farm

  • Each farm is different and the regulatory compliance requirements change from location to location
  • Contact us and we will help you determine the requirements for your location, along with determining the storage requirements and premium site location for you

System Operation

  • Site training, but minimal operational or maintenance requirements for farmers 
  • The system allows for remote, predictive maintenance and optimization
    • Multiple system points
  • Onsite maintenance needed one visit per year by the FuelPositive service team