FuelPositive Hires Sussex Strategy Group to Provide Government Relations Services

TORONTO, July 20, 2021  FuelPositive Corporation (TSX.V: NHHH) (OTCQB: NHHHF)

(“FuelPositive” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce it has hired Sussex Strategy Group to provide government relations services in Canada.

“As a Canadian growth-stage technology company focused on developing clean technologies to fight climate change, we know we share a lot of goals with the federal government and many provincial/territorial governments across Canada. Sussex Strategy Group is the right team to help us navigate the government landscape so we can share the excitement of our core technology and discuss with governments how we can help reduce greenhouse emissions in this country to meet or surpass our Paris Agreement commitments,” said Ian Clifford, FuelPositive CEO.

FuelPositive’s lead product, green ammonia, takes air, water and sustainable electricity and converts that into a non-polluting chemical for multiple applications, including fertilizer for farming, fuel for combustion engines and a solution for grid-storage, to name a few. The Company is currently developing scalable and easily transportable commercial production units which will allow end users to produce FuelPositive clean green ammonia onsite, wherever it is needed, when it is needed.

“Sussex is excited to partner with FuelPositive to advance its development of green ammonia for use in agricultural and other sectors,” said Chris Benedetti, Managing Partner of Sussex. “Ammonia is a well-known chemical that is easily transported and stored. Being able to produce it carbon-free and in a scalable and modular manner is a game changer and we believe governments will be keen to support this Canadian-developed intellectual property.”

The Company will focus initially on the agriculture sector. About 80% of the world’s demand for ammonia comes from the agriculture sector, as ammonia is used to help add nitrogen, an element that is essential for plants, back into soil that has been depleted by growing crops. However, traditional ammonia is a heavy polluter. FuelPositive’s green ammonia will provide all the ammonia that is needed, without emitting greenhouse gases.

“Beyond agriculture, there are numerous applications where our green ammonia can make a massive difference. For instance, we are exploring using our system to provide clean energy for northern and remote communities – that would be an ideal project for us to work on in partnership with governments,” said Clifford.

“As well, we believe our green ammonia can be the enabler to economically, efficiently and quickly produce, store, transport and use hydrogen – making the hydrogen economy possible much sooner than anyone has been expecting,” added Clifford. Not only does the production of FuelPositive green ammonia require much less energy than producing hydrogen on its own, but ammonia stores 65% more hydrogen than highly compressed pure hydrogen, making ammonia the most efficient way to store and transport hydrogen.

Approximately 200 million tons of traditional ammonia are produced every year around the world with an annual market value of about $90 billion CA. The existing ammonia market has been a commodity-type market with compound annual growth rates (CAGR) of about 5% per year. A number of recent projections suggest 50% CAGR, or higher, for carbon-free ammonia over the next decade.

About Sussex Strategy Group
Established in 1998, Sussex Strategy Group is one of Canada’s leading government relations and strategic communications firms. With offices in Toronto and Ottawa, and a network of expert affiliates in major centres across the country, Sussex excels at helping its clients manage public opinion about them and their issues, and advance their interests with decision-makers at the federal, provincial and municipal levels of government.

About FuelPositive
FuelPositive is a Canadian growth-stage technology company committed to providing commercially viable and sustainable “cradle to cradle” clean energy solutions, including green ammonia, for use across a broad spectrum of industries and applications. By focusing on technologies that are clean, economically advantageous/ realizable and that leverage existing infrastructure, the Company aims to change the course of climate change through practical solutions that can be implemented now.

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