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FuelPositive Featured in Recharge News

‘Our technology can produce zero-carbon ammonia via green hydrogen at 60% of the cost of the highly polluting grey variety’

The shipping-container-sized ‘hydrogen ammonia synthesiser’ system developed by Toronto-based FuelPositive could clean up the global production of ammonia, CEO Ian Clifford tells Recharge.

A Canadian technology company says it has developed equipment that will produce zero-emissions green ammonia from renewable hydrogen at a far cheaper price than highly polluting grey ammonia.

About 235 million tonnes of ammonia (NH3) are produced globally every year, mainly for fertiliser, almost all of which is produced by combining grey hydrogen — derived from natural gas or coal with carbon emissions of nine to 18 tonnes for every tonne of H2 — with nitrogen from the air in a century-old process called Haber-Bosch.

Haber-Bosch is extremely energy-intensive — requiring high temperatures of 400-500°C and pressures above 100 bar — and is usually powered by burning fossil fuels. This process alone is said to be responsible for 1% of the world’s carbon emissions each year — and that’s not including the CO2 emitted from grey hydrogen production.

And with about half of the world’s food production relying on ammonia fertiliser, decarbonising the production of the chemical is of vital importance — not to mention the fact that green NH3 is being touted as a potential carbon-free fuel for shipping and even power production.

This is where Toronto-based FuelPositive comes in. Continue reading the rest of the article on Recharge here.

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