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There are a number of significant initiatives being undertaken around the world to decarbonize the transportation industry, including passenger cars, trucks and urban transportation systems, to name only a few. Electric and hydrogen powered vehicles are the two most currently discussed. Both of which are cost intensive and highly problematic, especially when scaling to the levels needed globally. New innovations are needed.

What if we could simply replace carbon-dense fossil fuels with a carbon-free alternative?

By using a straightforward conversion process, FuelPositive’s Carbon-Free NH3 is a suitable fuel for any vehicle on the road today, with no CO2 emissions.

We can visualize a model where trucking companies utilize FuelPositive’s Carbon-Free NH3 fuel systems situated within their already existing refuelling depots. For urban transit and delivery fleets, the FuelPositive Carbon-Free NH3 technology can be installed strategically throughout their distribution and route networks. Gas station could easily be retrofitted to have FuelPositive Carbon-Free NH3 systems installed on site that will produce and store NH3 24/7 to refuel vehicles, in a process very similar to refuelling a gas or propane powered vehicle today.

The opportunities are endless. When the FuelPositive Carbon-Free NH3 technology is installed with access to a renewable energy source such as wind, solar or hydro, carbon-free fuel can be available anywhere the modular and scalable FuelPositive system is located.