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Problem Solved with Carbon-Free NH3

Fuel For A Mindful World

FuelPositive’s carbon-free ammonia (NH3), produced using our commercial systems, presents an almost immediate solution to the problems associated with pure hydrogen. In fact, we believe it is the enabler of the hydrogen economy.

The H in ammonia (NH3) is hydrogen. Ammonia is hydrogen-dense.


Using our production system, our carbon-free NH3 requires 30% less energy than conventional ammonia to produce, with no carbon emissions. In fact, not only does the production of our carbon-free NH3 require much less energy than producing hydrogen on its own, but it stores 65% more hydrogen than highly compressed pure hydrogen.


Our carbon-free NH3 can be stored at normal temperatures without extreme compression.


Our carbon-free NH3 can be transported safely and efficiently using the existing ammonia infrastructure. Or it can be produced on site, using our portable production system, eliminating the need for distribution.

So, think of ammonia as the perfect carrier for hydrogen, and if the end use requirement is for pure hydrogen, then the safest and most practical way to get that hydrogen where it needs to be is inside of FuelPositive’s carbon-free NH3. 

Once the green NH3 has been delivered, the hydrogen can be removed for use, or you can simply use the green ammonia as fuel. When our carbon-free NH3 is burned as fuel, the only exhaust is water vapor and nitrogen, which means no carbon dioxide or any other polluting chemicals or particulates are released. The water exhausted after burning is clean enough to drink.