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Green Ammonia

Fuel For A Mindful World

Fuel Positive's Green Ammonia Production System

FuelPositive’s patent-pending, first-of-its-kind, modular and scalable carbon-free NH3 production system changes all that. Invented in Canada by Dr. Dincer and his team, our system requires 30% less energy to produce a litre of carbon-free NH3, compared to traditional ammonia production systems. That reduced energy requirement is a game-changer. This is the first time green ammonia has been produced cost-effectively, offering all of the utility of ammonia without the pollution from its production.

And because our system can produce carbon-free NH3 in situ, or on site where it is used, no distribution system is required, although the existing traditional ammonia infrastructure works well.

Our production systems take air, water and a sustainable electricity source to produce carbon-free ammonia (NH3). The prototypes that are currently in production are built around highly versatile 20- and 40-foot container footprints, so that our modular and scalable systems can be easily transported.

These phase 2 production systems are also being built to produce commercially viable quantities of carbon-free NH3 for end users to use in their operations, wherever they are needed. 

Fuel Positive is working with National Compressed Air Canada Ltd. to build our phase 2 production systems, and we are on course to deliver a suite of different-sized, transportable modules by the end of 2021. Demonstration pilot projects will begin, starting with the agriculture sector, in early 2022. 

To be clear, ammonia, if handled and utilized improperly, is a polluter, emitting gas that can damage air quality. However, there is already a huge infrastructure in place for the safe handling of ammonia. Furthermore, the applications we promote will have built-in safety measures, such as catalytic convertors in engines to prevent emissions from fuel and deep injection processes for farms to prevent emissions from fertilizer.