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Never has the imperative for wide scale fossil fuel replacement been more urgent. To meet greenhouse gas reduction targets, it is essential to dramatically consider changing how we fuel the more than two million internal combustion engine vehicles operating around the world every single day.

Climate change strategies are relying on alternatives such as electric vehicles and hydrogen. Both of which are cost intensive and deeply challenging to scale at a global level.

What if there is a simpler and more cost-effective approach?

What if we simply replace carbon-dense fossil fuels with a carbon-free alternative?

What if we convert carbon-based engines to run on carbon-free ammonia?

FuelPositive Carbon Free Fuel

FuelPositive Carbon-Free NH3 Technology

FuelPositive’s patent-pending first-of-its-kind Carbon-Free NH3 technology allows for the in-situ production of ammonia in an entirely sustainable manner. The process allows for small, medium to large-scale production of NH3 by utilizing only water, air and sustainable electricity.

With the appropriately sized FuelPositive system, and access to a renewable energy source such as wind, solar or hydro, the resulting carbon-free NH3 can be used in almost any internal combustion vehicle on the road today as fuel, with no CO2 emissions.

Gas stations around the world could be retrofitted with small modular FuelPositive Carbon-Free NH3 systems, producing carbon-free ammonia 24/7, storing it on site to refuel vehicles with sustainable, non-polluting fuel.

The NH3 story does not end with passenger vehicles. Trucking companies, urban transportation, delivery fleet networks and airports can all benefit from FuelPositive’s Carbon-Free NH3 scalable and modular fuel synthesis technology. The opportunities are endless.

No more massive refineries, no supertankers and pipelines leaking toxic petroleum into our fragile ecosystems, no more vulnerability to global supply chains and markets that fluctuate wildly on a daily basis.

We can now allow ourselves to imagine a world where the greenhouse gas emissions from internal combustion engines are simply water and realize the future that the next generation needs to live on a healthier planet. That need also includes the need to decentralize energy grids. See what the FuelPositive technology can do.