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Until now, the agriculture sector utilizes approximately 80+% of the ammonia (NH3) produced around the world on an annual basis. Traditional NH3 manufacturing exists on a massive scale, in centralized facilities and results in some of the world’s most concentrated greenhouse gas emissions per unit of NH3 produced.

Today, farmers are looking for alternatives. They want to meaningfully contribute to a reduction in their carbon footprint along with simplifying their operations and supply chains.
Carbon Free Fertilizer

FuelPositive Carbon-Free Ammonia System

FuelPositive’s patent-pending first-of-its-kind modular and scalable Carbon-Free NH3 technology allows for the in-situ production of ammonia in an entirely sustainable manner. The process allows for small, medium to large-scale production of NH3 by utilizing only water, air and sustainable electricity.

With the appropriately sized FuelPositive system, and access to a renewable energy source such as wind, solar or hydro, the farm (or a group of farms) could generate all the carbon-free NH3 they need, year-round, to fertilize their crops.

In addition, FuelPositive’s Carbon-Free NH3 could be used for a multitude of other needs. Replacing current propane systems with Carbon-Free NH3 drying systems would lead to exceptional environmental benefit. Using a straightforward conversion process, FuelPositive’s Carbon-Free NH3 is also suitable as a fuel in their farm vehicles.

If the agriculture sector alone switched to carbon-free NH3, produced using FuelPositive’s patent-pending technology, the environmental benefit would be felt overnight as a result of a fully sustainable, Carbon-Free agricultural enterprise.

Agriculture isn’t the only sector that can benefit from this first-of-its-kind technology. See what it can do as a fuel