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We are currently living in a hydrocarbon economy, where natural gas is our primary heating fuel and petroleum fuels transportation. There is no denying the clear environmental impact of burning hydrocarbon fuels, including significant carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and other pollutants.

The demand for energy has only increased and many alternatives to fossil fuels are being explored. It has been widely acknowledged that hydrogen is potentially the perfect fuel to replace fossil fuels, particularly in the global transportation sector.
However, there are a number of questions that are still unanswered regarding the use of hydrogen as a sustainable fuel:
  • How can hydrogen be manufactured cost-effectively and safely?
  • How can vehicles be engineered to utilize hydrogen properly?
The answers to each of these is still unknown. With countries around the world committing to aggressive CO2 emission reduction targets, it is imperative to look beyond hydrogen as the panacea. FuelPositive can answer each of these questions by replacing hydrogen with ammonia in many applications. Take a look at this page to learn more about the advantages of ammonia