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We need to find ways to create, store and utilize energy much closer to where we need it!

FuelPositive‘s patent-pending, first-of-its-kind modular and scalable Carbon-Free Ammonia (NH3) technology will help enable decentralized energy creation, storage and utilization.

While NH3 is typically associated with fertilizers and chemicals, the uses for this versatile product are exponential. As long as you have a sustainable source of electricity, a FuelPositive Carbon-Free NH3 system can produce carbon-free NH3 around the clock to meet virtually any energy requirement.

FuelPositive Carbon Free
The potential use of NH3 as a viable fuel source is widening by the day. Pilot programs are being implemented in many industries around the world – from marine and turbine engines, trucks and cars and generators – with the design to replace gasoline, diesel and other fossil fuels with pure ammonia.

When FuelPositive Carbon-Free NH3 is used as a fuel there are no CO2 emissions. Period.

FuelPositive’s Carbon-Free NH3 technology is well-positioned to significantly contribute to achieving the emission targets under the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Take a look at a few of the applications for FuelPositive’s technology here